Voice overs for IVR phone recordings, message on hold,
e-learning, web audio, PowerPoint and video presentations


Voice Prompts Auto Attendants and Voice Mail

First impressions are powerful. Make sure the first voice your customers hear conveys a professional impression of your company right from the start.  

With Conerly Productions custom recorded voice prompts, you can offer your customers a better caller experience as they place orders, seek technical assistance, or inquire about your products and services.  Conerly Productions delivers your voice prompts (the prerecorded messages that guide callers through your phone system) with a consistent “voice brand” for your organization and ensures callers always understand the message.

We create day and after-hour auto-attendant and voice-mail greetings that project your company’s image.  With our professionally recorded phone greetings, you transform your voice mail into the brand that distinguishes you and your business.  We provide ready-to-use, digital voice prompts for any platform in the audio format you need.

Why Record Professionally?

  • Increase call efficiency  and reduce caller abandonment
  • Enhance the overall caller experience with confidence and credibility
  • Clear broadcast quality with no regional accent
  • Unmistakable studio sound instead of recording through a handset

Click here for voice prompt/auto attendant demo

Custom on-hold Messaging

No matter how hard you try to answer all calls immediately, some callers will end up on hold.

Conerly Productions helps you turn on-hold time into a productive marketing opportunity.  We inform customers and prospects about your latest product and service offers, report on company activities or direct them to visit your Web site.  We can write it, record it and send you application-ready voice files.  We also can produce auto-attendant or after-hours greetings to complement your new on-hold program

Our custom on-hold messaging services includes client consultation, expert scriptwriting, state of the art recording studio, professional voice talent, wide selection of royalty-free background music. All recordings are delivered in the audio file format of your choice. Silence is neither golden…nor good business. Our subtle, low key phone messages, alternating with licensed background music will educate and stimulate interest in your customers business.

Conerly Productions is your one stop shop for copywriting, voice, music and production. Finally, the right piece to complete your “Total Communication Solution”.

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Web Audio/E-Learning

Web Audio

Make your website come alive.  Add sound.

  • Web audio will bring your brand and image into viewers focus because you can say what it is you want them to hear.
  • With audio, your website will draw attention to key navigation pathways for viewers and bring important facts to their attention.
  • Web audio can bring a customer centric help desk to life.
  • It will save customer time as web sites become more complex.
  • Recorded voice brings a full dimension to your website and a makes it a more sophisticated communication tool.


When it comes to the audio presentation for e-learning applications, the effectiveness of the voice you select is critical to the success of your e-learning design. Conerly Productions understand the difference between just reading a script and really communicating the information e-learners need to comprehend and retain.

Conerly Productions offers quality, custom-created voice and sound for Internet applications, web-based training and education.  Working from your approved script, or with our writing help, we deliver the digital audio complete with the necessary coding to add the sound to your website or e-learning application.

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PowerPoint and Video Narration

Bring your presentations to life.

Conerly Productions helps you create successful PowerPoint or video presentations with professional narration.  We can help you connect to your audience conversationally, educate and inform, and bring technical jargon to life.  Narration is a significant part of a tutorial, and can make the difference between a professional and an amateur end-product, regardless of the tutorial’s content. When choosing a professional voice over talent to record the narration for your PowerPoint presentation, corporate video or educational courseware, you are telling your listener you are not cutting corners, and that you understand the significance of adding audio to your presentation.  We can electronically deliver your recorded narration in any audio format you need.

Click here for video narration demo.