Voice overs for IVR phone recordings, message on hold,
e-learning, web audio, PowerPoint and video presentations

The need for professional voice talent in today's digital age is more important than ever. The voice representing your company could be their first line of contact. Conerly Productions can provide your customers with precise, easy to understand voice recordings that sound both professional and friendly.


Cable or DSL Voice Prompts - Conerly Productions will work directly with you to create and professionally produce your voice prompts, auto attendants, voice mail, and interactive voice response greetings.

Cable or DSL On-hold Message - Includes client consultation, expert scriptwriting, state of the art recording studio, professional voice talent, and a wide selection of royalty-free background music.

Cable or DSL Web Audio/E-Learning - We understand the difference between just reading a script and really communicating the information e-learners need to comprehend and retain using the proper tone, diction, and a pace that is appropriate for learning.

Cable or DSL Video Narration - Bring your video presentation to life. Our professional narrations can help you evoke thought, reason, purpose, and even humor.  Give your presentation the added dimension it needs to shine.

Spanish Voice Talent
Cable or DSL
Cable or DSL Lisy
British Voice Talent
Cable or DSL
Cable or DSL Penny

All recordings are delivered in the audio file format of your choice. Call on Conerly Productions to help deliver your company’s brand to your customers and prospects.

We help you make the right impression, the first time and every time, using the latest in voice messaging technology.